Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great cities have great transit. Period.

Great American cities invest in high quality transit.  As cities grow, they simply cannot thrive without functional transit: workers have difficulty getting to jobs, the elderly lose connections to their communities, families spend excess time and money carpooling children, and young professionals face rising costs of car notes, gas and insurance. For Baton Rouge to realize its goal of becoming America’s next great city, we must rethink the way we get around town.

A variety of transportation options:
  • Decreases traffic congestion
  • Shrinks our carbon footprint
  • Promotes healthy lifestyles
  • Serves the community
  • Saves money spent on vehicle maintenance

Baton Rouge Transit is underfunded.
Functional public transit is vital to our community. It contributes to economic development, serves our citizens, and helps alleviate growing traffic problems. However, compared to its peer cities, Baton Rouge is the only metro area that does not have a dedicated revenue source for its transit system.

Lack of transit funding has resulted in:
  • Wait times in excess of 1 hour
  • Overall travel times in excess of 2 hours
  • Poor amenities, including bus shelters and sidewalks

Baton Rouge deserves a quality transit system.
Guided by the recently adopted FUTUREBR Comprehensive Plan and the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission, the Baton Rouge Transit Coalition is committed to enacting solutions for Baton Rouge’s transit system.