Dedicated Funding

Compared to similarly sized transit systems, Baton Rouge is one of the only systems without dedicated funding, which has led to the current financial crisis the system is facing, along with the service crisis 10,000 riders experience every day.

With dedicated funds, CATS would be able to:

  • Decrease wait times from the current average of 75 minutes to 15-20 minutes
  • Build 3 new transit hubs to replace “spoke” system with “grid” system
  • Overhaul bus stops, with new shelters and benches
  • Add GPS tracking to fleet, with exact arrival times accessible on cell phones
  • Overhaul all signage for transit stops, providing detailed route and time information
  • Increase service from 19 to 37 routes, expanding to high-demand areas that currently are not served (eg. O’Neal Lane, Coursey Blvd., Essen and Siegen Lane)
  • Increase peak-hour buses from 32 to 57 
  • Lay foundation for Bus Rapid Transit system.
  • Create 8 New Express Lines and Limited Stop Lines:
    Express Routes
    :  Southern University to Downtown, Airport to Downtown, O'Neal Lane to Downtown, Mall of Louisiana to Downtown, Highland/I-110 to Downtown
    Limited Stop Routes:  Baker/Zachary (through Southern University, to CATS Terminal), Florida Blvd to Downtown, LSU to Downtown
Image from the FUTUREBR Comprehensive Plan of the Nicholson St. corridor with streetcar and sidewalks.