Outreach Materials

Are you passionate about transit in Baton Rouge?  Do you want to share information about comprehensive transit reform with your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors?  We are happy to assist you in any kind of outreach and education about transit, you can email us directly with questions or requests for presentations, or download any of the resources below:

  • Accountability Report Card:  How will BRTC and coalition partner Together Baton Rouge ensure that CATS is fulfilling its responsibility to taxpayers?  By requiring transparency and accountability on a quarterly basis until all of the proposed benefits are enacted.  Download the Transit Reform Accountability Report Card here>  

  • Baton Rouge Area Foundation's Guide to CATS Mass Transit Proposal:  Our local community foundation has put together an info-graphic illustrating what the CATS tax will mean for the Baton Rouge community and its residents.  Download BRAF's guide here>

  • Transit Fact Sheet:  Our partners with Together BR have created an excellent fact sheet giving an overview of comprehensive transit reform and the April 21st election details.  Download the TBR Fact Sheet here>

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Coming soon! 

  • BRTC Presentation:  The official BRTC outreach presentation can be downloaded for your own use, the script is included for your convenience. 

  • Together BR Presentation:  If you've been to one of the many successful civic academies, you know what an impact the TBR presentation can make.  Visit the TBR site and download this presentation here>

  • BRTC One Pager:  If you need information on who the BRTC is and why we've organized, as well as some basic transit information, download our BRTC one pager here.