April 21st

This spring, residents within the city limits of Baton Rouge, Baker and Zachary will have the opportunity to create the transit system our city needs and deserves.  On April 21st, our community will choose to make an investment in a transit system that serves the needs of all residents--either directly or indirectly--making Baton Rouge the efficient, inclusive, economically robust capital city we envision.  A dedicated source of funding for transit will transform the system, getting Baton Rouge up to speed with peer cities like Charlotte and Raleigh.

Who gets to vote?

This initiative is limited to the city limits of Baker, Zachary and Baton Rouge, which are the main areas served by transit.  Only registered voters living within the city limits of these three areas will be able to vote on April 21st.  

What will voting "yes" cost me?
The cost depends on the home value.  The following charts outline the costs per month for various home values and the average value of homes in Baton Rouge, Baker and Zachary:

How long will it take to implement the proposed changes? How will these funds be spent?    
Building the transit system of the future will take time, and won't happen overnight.  Voters can expect the following changes over the next two years:

  • Feb – June:  Further develop implementation plan
  • July - September:  Put new bus purchase in process (1st wave of new buses – 10 – 15) and announce GPS system is installed and ready for use
  • October - December: Expand number of bus shelters (25 shelters or more) and install new more informative and easier to read bus stop signs

  • January - March:  Expand CATS bus pass sales locations
  • April - June:  Continue to expand bus shelters
  • July - September:  Put second wave of new buses for purchase in process (15 – 20 buses)
  • October - December:  Transit education (community meeting) on new routes and services
  • January – March:  Implement expanded routes and decreased wait times.

Why is a "yes" vote this the only answer for transit in Baton Rouge?